Monday, December 19, 2011


Brought to you by the Marxist Workers World Party and the corrupt Mexican government. Make note, fellow Citizen, of the businesses closed today and refuse to do business with them in the future. Make note of the communists, like state Senators Richard Alarcon and Gil Cedillo of the People's Republik of Kalifornia, that have infiltrated your government and Art Torres, Chairman of the California Democratic Party, who thrilled at “the last gasp of White America in California.” Make note of those you have elected who support amnesty for these criminals, under the guise of a guest worker program, and let them know you'll remember their traitorous actions at the polls. Make note of the criminals that have re-written our Nation's National Anthem to justify their illegal invasion of this great Nation. Make note of the those who refuse to go to school, workers refusing to go to work, and illegal aliens thumbing their noses at the law. Make note of those, like the catholic church, who aid and abet these criminals in breaking the laws of our sovereign Nation. Make note of the garbage these criminals spew ("We are NOT illegal on OUR own continent." "This is OUR continent, NOT yours". "La Tierra Mia". "We are indigenous, The ONLY owners of this continent" "La Revolucion Continua", ""Varrio Si, Yonkes No!" "NO Borders" "Viva La Raza". "Viva la Revolucion") as it reflects their attempt to re-write history and shows their true intentions. Look to the country these criminals come from and see the future of these United States if the invasion is allowed to continue.

May Day? No. National Illegal Alien Extortion Day. Today is a wake up call, fellow Citizen. Stand up and say "NO!" to the criminals.

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